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    SwiftK12 is a K-12 school notification system that helps school administrators communicate more effectively with parents, students and staff members.

    From unexpected school closures to automated attendance notifications, SwiftK12 enables administrators to reliably reach hundreds or even thousands of student families within minutes. Features include:

    swiftk12favicon.png  SwiftK12 Notification System  swiftk12favicon.png   SwiftK12 Mobile App 
    swiftk12favicon.png  SIS Integration Tool
    swiftk12favicon.png   Automated Attendance Alerts
    swiftk12favicon.png  Emergency Quick Alert Tool swiftk12favicon.png   Parent Portal
    swiftk12favicon.png  Social Media Integration swiftk12favicon.png   Multi-Language Translation Tool 
    swiftk12favicon.png  Speak Up! Anti-Bullying Platform swiftk12favicon.png   New! PDF Builder Module

    Improve parent engagement and response by using communication channels parents prefer, including email, voice and SMS text messaging as well as popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

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